I believe healthy recruitment comes with a strong masterplan of marketing activities to attract candidates. Marketing principles used to build your business work in caregiver recruitment. This week’s blog comes from Nick Bonitatibus. Nick is a marketing guy and the social media guru at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.

Hi, It’s Nick!

I would not be working at Hurricane Enterprises if it were not for social media. Several years ago, my boss, Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss, sent out a direct message to his friends and family that he was looking for an intern. Well, that message ended up in the Facebook inbox of one my best friends who shared it with me. The rest is history! This is why I have such a passion for helping business owners use social media.

When people think of using social media for their businesses, they tend to rely heavily on their business pages, but there is much more to it. If you truly want to get your message out, you should be utilizing the number of friends and followers you have on your personal pages. That is the key!

Do you have close friends and family on social media? Do they support you? Are they willing to support you on social media? Let’s test it, and find out!

The first option to test the strength of your social media network is to do what Steve “The Hurricane” did. Use direct messaging with friends and family with your job openings. It worked for him and it can work for you!

At the same time, post on your business page a brief job description. Don’t be shy. Share it to your personal page and ask your friends and family to share it too. Get your staff involved, and offer them a finder’s fee. Shares are the best way to reach a larger audience. Getting likes and comments on your postings are great. This will expand the reach of the post.

If you decide to move forward with this approach, it is important that you remain consistent. People forget. Post consistently until you achieve your goal. It’s just like anything else, the more people see something, the higher likelihood they are to take action.

Now, does this mean blast it out every single day? NO! You do not want to annoy. Post enough to remind people you are still in search and appreciate any help you can get.

You can also find potential candidates with paid advertising. Create a campaign on Facebook that targets the demographics and interests of the position you are looking to fill. In your case, being able to target geographically is beneficial to reaching potential candidates close to your office location.

Social media is an incredible tool, you just have to know how to use it!

If you would like to learn more about digital marketing strategies, I highly recommend coming to The Hurricane’s Millionaires Boot Camp this November. I will be presenting 2 sessions: “Deciphering The Social Media World” and “The Advanced Techniques of Facebook Advertising.”

Get your tickets here. Hope to see you all there!

Feel free to email Nick at nick@homecaremarketing.net.