Myth #3: Exit Interviews are a waste of time

Reality: The exit interview is an opportunity to gain insight into what drives employee turnover. Making an assumption, even an educated guess about the reasons employees leave, compromises your exit data.

The best way to make sure you understand the drivers behind an employee’s decision to leave is to ask them directly. HR leaders can provide valuable insight by managing a meaningful exit interview process. Stephanie Teasdale, HR Manager with Ferguson Enterprises in Newport News VA, offers tips to her success. “I found that once I revised the exit interview to an electronic survey capturing consistent data points while still allowing open comments, my management team responded differently. Rather than simply reading the associate’s interview answers, they now had the ability to analyze trends and patterns. With the employee’s comments for added context, we were able to really dig in and identify where we could improve.”

There are a number of exit interview formats ranging from written, verbal, survey form, to web-based. It is a function that can be managed in-house, or easily and affordably outsourced. A formal in-person exit interview should only be conducted by someone who can objectively and professionally manage the conversation without inviting legal exposure.

Co-Authored with Kelly Allmon HR Manager at the Jefferson Lab.

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