I like to bring you guest bloggers to share other perspectives in senior care. Today, we welcome Kevin with open arms. If you have ever attended a senior care conference around the country, you have probably met him. Kevin calls himself a “home care nerd” and has a real passion for supporting home care owners and caregivers.

Hello, it’s Kevin from the Institute for Professional Care education.

I have been working in the senior care realm for quite a while. Every owner, every manager has the same issue: holding on to staff. 

At IPCed we believe we can help counter “burn-n-churn” and turnover of senior care. The Home Care Benchmarking Study shows the turnover rate of caregiver is rising. At the same time, the need for caregivers is rapidly increasing. This situation is a recipe for disaster for any senior care provider. 


Attribution: 2017 Home Care Pulse Case Study

Studies show that engaging employees boosts retention and slows down turnover. An article about the fast-food chain Chic-fil-A got my wheels turning on how to cut down on turnover and potentially generate more revenue.

How does Chic-fil-A do it? Beyond the food, which always gets high ratings, customers remark on the restaurants’ cleanliness, great service, and hardworking employees. In an industry known for low wages, Chic-fil-A pays a small premium on wages ($8.44 versus $7.98 fast-food average).

Their secret sauce? Training more than its competitors for a consistent level of customer service. They also help employees advance their careers even if it’s not in fast food.

In home health, home care and assisting living, we work in a similar space. So how can we put together a simple plan to train, recognize and retain our caregiving staff?

Not all employees want to be trained. Even though they may not recognize the need for it, you should institute a formal training program. You know it’s beneficial to your staff and clientele. Just like the highly engaged Chic-fil-A employees, trained caregivers lead to client satisfaction, client retention and maybe referrals. And as we like to say at ICPed, “The more they know. The more you’ll grow.”

On top of formal training, there is a multitude of simple things you can do as an employer that will increase retention without breaking the bank or costing you any money at all.

Kevin is the Director of Sales and Business Development at the Institute for Professional Care Education®. Contact him at O: (360) 952-4645 · M:(360) 947-4658 or email klambing@ipced.com