New Approach

Sanjay is the owner of Always Best Care in Raleigh, NC. Last year, he enrolled in the 6-month program I offer to support his caregiver recruitment and retention efforts.

After three months in the program, Sanjay highlighted how his recruitment team was working differently:  

“We have become more focused on collecting, interpreting, and using data to drive what we do.  Although it is time-consuming, it gives us an accurate view of what we are doing, what is working or not.  It has also changed the conversation from just “we need caregivers” to ” we need caregivers for this specific time”, “for this specific client” and “for this specific purpose”.

At the end of the 6 months, Sanjay shared his assessment of the program:

“What I really like is that Anne-Lise isn’t trying to be nice to us. She holds us accountable for our actions and results. She is patient but persistent in making sure we succeed with our recruitment. This is invaluable.” 

Tracey, the Operations Manager, added: “
The program gives us a focus on caregiver recruitment with many ideas and it helps us prioritize the activities, the sequence and the scope of what we need to do in caregiver recruitment.” 

I am so pleased with the progress the team at Always Best Care has made with their staffing results. Here’s what Sanjay said in an email this December:

“While we have an amazing team executing the strategy, your gift to us was the recruitment & retention strategy and the thought process behind it. Thank you!!!”

Are you struggling to recruit enough caregivers?

Are you feeling like you are working hard but not getting much success?

Are you dissatisfied with the quality of applications?

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I work with your team to create YOUR recruitment plan and YOUR retention strategies. 

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What’s included in the 6-month program?

  • Develop data-driven methods to track the health and effectiveness of your recruitment and retention activities
  • Create a caregiver recruitment plan that works in your community
  • Design an annual retention plan that will work for years to come
  • Learn the best HR practices in the home care industry
  • Implement a caregiver mentoring program

Your monthly call with Anne-Lise provides accountability to implement the plans and learn proven recruitment and retention practices.

BONUS – While you are on the 6-month program, you also have unlimited email access to Anne-Lise Gere, SPHR an experienced HR professional who will advise you on more than just recruitment and retention if you ask!