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20 June, 2017

Employee Benefits In Home Care

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Professional caregivers have many choices of employment. Because the good ones know their value, they look for the best employer in town. Gone are the days when caregivers would take the first job offered to them. In turn, home [...]

24 April, 2017

Part-Time Workforce Requires Full-Time HR

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Whether out of necessity or choice, the number of part-time employees represents a growing share of the workforce. In 2018, 28 percent of workers were part-timers compared with 20% in the early 1990s. If your organization employs many part-timers or is [...]

2 April, 2016

Six Tips to Improve Caregiver Retention

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Home care providers don’t need to be reminded of the caregiver shortage. They experience it every day. It’s the reason why they have to turn down new clients. The demand for home care services keeps growing with more seniors [...]

29 January, 2016

No Union, No Worry – Not So Fast

By |2018-02-09T11:12:44-05:00January 29, 2016|

Last year, the rules for unionization campaign were changed. Unions have now a better shot at mounting a successful campaign to organize your employees. This is of particular concern to home care employers. Although fragmented, the industry is being [...]

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