Kaila Kea is a career coach based in coastal Virginia. I met Kaila through a mutual business friend (Hi, Shelley Smith!). I wanted to bring Kaila to the newsletter because she has the candidate’s perspective on our current recruiting challenges. As a career coach, Kaila works with the very people you are trying to recruit. I find her Millennial’s perspective really interesting to us employers as we struggle to fill our job openings in this tight labor market. Here’s the advice Kaila has for us.

If you’re like the vast majority of employers, you may be wondering how to improve your recruitment. Hiring managers across industries are trying to figure out how to recruit better. Although there is no way around the hard work that comes with recruitment, there are ways to maximize your recruitment efforts. In fact, for this edition of the HR Newsletter, we’ll share 4 key recruiters pointers gleaned from our work with prospective employees.   

1. Meet candidates where they are.

Once candidates discover your job opportunities, they usually go to LinkedIn to connect with an existing employer, maybe you. They want a “direct connect” to the opportunity. However, prospective employees often say that employer response rates on LinkedIn are low. Foundation Inc. reported that up to 87 million Millennials use LinkedIn – and most of them expect you to be responsive on LinkedIn.

In addition to LinkedIn and reputable job boards, you can find qualified candidates at conferences. In recent years, we’ve seen a fresh crop of conferences geared toward Millennials and Generation Z. Attend the first one virtually, then book your flight to attend the next one in person. Stay for the duration of the event – you’re sure to meet top talent. You will be glad you came (and stayed)!

2. Bring HR into the process prior to recruitment.

HR is a great resource during the recruitment process. However, some employers bring HR into the process much too late. Don’t make this mistake. Your HR staff will appreciate your efforts to keep them up-to-date – not to mention, prospective employees will be able to tell the difference between an HR department that is kept in the loop and one that is left out in the cold.

3. Streamline communications.

Realistically, hiring managers can’t engage all prospective employees with questions about the job. Still, it’s important to extend great customer service to prospective employees. This is especially true if your job post is vague or unusual. Designate a point of contact to handle calls and emails about the job. Have a series of Frequently Asked Questions at the ready. Send candidates an outline of what to expect in the recruitment process.

4. Tap into what motivates a multi-generational workforce.

Today’s job market is more diverse than ever! This means increased recruitment options and diverse employee needs. In a nutshell, Baby Boomers value retirement packages and flexible work arrangements, while Generation Xers embrace good salary and work-life balance. Millennials and Generation Z strive for flexibility and opportunities for growth. Keep these key points in mind to recruit (and retain) top talent across generations.  

About Kaila Kea – She brings 8 years of career development experience to her clients. When she is not providing career coaching services, she is publishing career content across the web to empower job seekers to take next steps in their careers and help employers improve workplace culture, retain employees, and maximize productivity. Learn more and connect with Kaila via email or on LinkedIn!