Direct Care Worker Caregiver CoachingDid you know that the home health workforce shrunk by 3.1% since the start of the pandemic a year ago?  So, it’s not surprising that direct care worker recruitment (also known as caregiver recruitment) is more difficult than ever. This means you have to take recruitment more seriously than ever. You might even need a little help.

Most home care agencies know that “if you have the caregivers, you have the business.” No wonder direct care worker/caregiver recruitment and retention programs are ranked #2 by home care operators when they consider their growth opportunities. 

If you read my newsletter you appreciate the knowledge and tips I share with you every week. Did you know you can work with me? I work with home care agencies just like yours to help them recruit more and better caregivers. Together we create solid recruitment and retention plans. 

Have you ever wondered how the coaching program for direct care recruitment works? Today I pull the curtain so you can take a peek at how we do it.

When you enroll in my caregiver recruitment and retention program, you benefit from my Human Resources expertise specific to home care. You don’t have to learn through trial and error. I teach you the right way to do it and you can implement it without doubting yourself. I have been at it since 2013 so you benefit from all my years of experience.

Another big benefit of being on the program: you create accountability for recruitment results. During our coaching sessions (twice a month), we review your recruitment results and discuss how to move forward. This data-driven discipline is a gift I bring to my coaching clients. Once you understand the power of data, there is no turning back. You will keep tracking to refine your processes and improve your results.

Working with me is not another task on your to-do list. I work with your recruitment team to support them. It is an opportunity to have an expert working with you, do the work that needs to be done without trial and error.

Concerned about the cost of the program? 

According to the Home Care Pulse 2020 Benchmark Study, the average lifetime value of a caregiver is $12,000. What you learn in this program will more than pay for itself even if you recruit only one additional caregiver! I am not kidding. But of course, you will recruit more and better caregivers who stay longer with your agency. So, this is an investment in your business. 

Direct Care Worker Caregiver Coaching


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But you don’t have to take my word for it. Clients have seen real results in their business and share their experiences.

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Ryan Fensler is a repeat customer! In 2018, I designed a recruitment framework which he implemented with his team. IN 2020, Ryan enrolled in the 6-month coaching program to re-energize his recruitment efforts. It is also an opportunity to develop the recruitment expertise of the Office Manager, Michelle, who is involved in caregiver recruitment.

Here’s what Ryan says about the program in 2020:

“I signed up after receiving information from Hurricane Marketing, a partner of Anne-Lise. I kept thinking about how we spend money on marketing and other areas of the business. However, [caregiver] recruiting and retention should be one of the top priorities. Then why am I not spending money on planning and coaching in this area?

What I like most about the program is when Anne-Lise shares examples from other home care agencies. They are relatable and provide examples of how others strive for excellence.

The most valuable aspect of the coaching program is that our team continues to track our recruitment data. We have always wanted to do it but did not make it a priority and it fell by the wayside. We now have our ClearCare dashboard-established for monthly reporting of the recruitment and retention data. 

Despite the COVID-19 crisis that started during our coaching engagement, we continued to work hard to support caregivers financially, emotionally, and balancing this with all the expectations that the crisis created.”


small business human resources caregiver recruitmentI met Aaron and Breanne Stromley at the Hurricane Marketing Bootcamp where I spoke on caregiver recruitment. Aaron and his team of two recruiters joined the 6-month coaching program in 2019.

 “Our main motivation in joining the 6-month coaching program was that we are a home care agency and recruitment is our competitive edge! We have to do this better than anyone else. We are always looking for better ways to recruit, onboard, and retain our employees.

During the program, we learned many valuable things but the truly new idea was the introduction of caregiver mentoring. We have also developed our school recruitment and we are more rigorous with the weekly tracking of our recruitment metrics.”

Aaron Stromley, Owner
Touching Hearts at Home, MN


small business human resources caregiver recruitmentLiz Moss was sold on the coaching program pretty much from the moment she heard me speak in San Antonio, TX. I worked with her recruiting team in 2019.

I signed up for the 6-month coaching program because I wanted to assess our recruitment process. I want my staff to learn new techniques for caregiver recruitment and improve our internal selection processes. One of the main takeaways from the program was a better definition of responsibilities within the recruitment team. We also develop a few metrics to keep us accountable.”

Elizabeth Moss, President CEO
Caregivers by WholeCare, TN

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