This bundle includes:

ebook: Seven Ways to Recruit & Retain Millennial Caregivers

[Webinar] Learn how you can have the most thorough interview a candidate will ever experience:

Have you ever wondered why a candidate who sounded so competent in the interview turned out to be a terrible employee?

Good interviews REALLY make a difference. It’s the difference between a hiring mistake and a great employee.
Learn how you can have the most thorough interview a candidate will ever experience.

Watch this webinar to learn techniques and how to prepare to make the most of your interviews.  Learn these simple techniques and preparation tips to make the most of your interview time. Discover how to turn on-site interviews into powerful selling tools to get the best candidates to accept YOUR job offer.

[Checklist] Attract More Applicants – The Ultimate Checklist

Create a successful caregiver Recruitment plan using a multi-prong approach:

Digital advertising – Improve the impact of your online job posting
Face to Face advertising – How to leverage the community events your agency attends to benefit recruitment too!

Peer to peer advertising – Your employee are your ambassadors and your best advertising. Reward them with a referral bonus and a plan that words for the long run.

Find the PCA class / CNA training schools in your area and partner with them.

Use this checklist to identify what your agency is already doing and how to improve on its execution. Consider adding a few new recruitment activities to attract more caregivers.