Recruiting Solutions for Caregiver Agencies

This bundle includes three of my best recruitment products:

  1. The Ultimate Caregiver Recruitment Checklist – Attract More Caregiver Applicants: Create a successful caregiver recruitment plan using a multi-prong approach:
    • Digital advertising – Improve the impact of your online job posting
    • Face-to-face advertising – How to leverage the community events your agency attends to recruit more
    • Peer-to-peer advertising – Your employees are your ambassadors and your best advertising. Reward them with a referral bonus and a plan that works for the long run.
    • School recruitment – Find CNA/CHHA/LPN schools in your area and partner with them.
  2. Watch my webinar (30-minute) and learn how to improve your interview skills because good interviews REALLY make a difference. It’s the difference between hiring a mistake and a great employee. I share with you my interview techniques to make the most of your time together (in-person or video interviews). Discover how to turn on-site interviews into powerful selling tools to get the best candidates to come to YOUR agency!
  3. E-book: Seven Ways to Recruit & Retain Millennial Caregivers. My 12-page e-book on how to appeal to the next generation of caregivers. The good news: what matters to millennials is good for all generations. Read and learn what you can do.