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  • Everything you need to create and update your job descriptions

    Content of the Toolkit:

    1. Writing effective job descriptions
    2. What each section of a job description means
    3. Position analysis questionnaire
    4. Pre-interview instructions (optional)
    5. Example – Job description for Administrative Assistant

    Bonus Webinar – 6 pro tips to turn job descriptions into valuable management tool ($37 value)

  • This bundle includes:

    [CHECKLIST] Create a Mission-Driven Team

    Every agency is driven by a strong sense of mission. Create or update yours. The mission only comes alive when it is expressed through your staff. See how you can implement (or re-launch) your mission with those key employees. THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE CHECKLIST FOR THIS BUNDLE, not available anywhere else!

    [Webinar] Save real $$ in home care. Start caregiver mentoring

    Learn how to implement a caregiver mentoring program for your agency.

    [Checklist] Start Your Caregiver Mentoring Program

    Are you struggling with caregiver turnover? Are you losing caregivers faster than you can recruit? It’s time to act. It’s time to start your mentoring program! Mentoring is a unique way to invest in caregivers. It supports and encourages them to stay with your agency by developing:
    • An early bond between caregivers and your agency
    • Skills so caregivers feel more confident in their ability to do a good job
    • Problem solving and resilience
    This checklist contains over 50 different ideas and tips to launch a mentoring program that will work for your agency. Don’t start a mentoring program without this checklist!
  • Recruiting Solutions for Caregiver Agencies

    This bundle includes three of my best recruitment products:
    1. The Ultimate Caregiver Recruitment Checklist - Attract More Caregiver Applicants: Create a successful caregiver recruitment plan using a multi-prong approach:
      • Digital advertising – Improve the impact of your online job posting
      • Face-to-face advertising – How to leverage the community events your agency attends to recruit more
      • Peer-to-peer advertising – Your employees are your ambassadors and your best advertising. Reward them with a referral bonus and a plan that works for the long run.
      • School recruitment - Find CNA/CHHA/LPN schools in your area and partner with them.
    2. Watch my webinar (30-minute) and learn how to improve your interview skills because good interviews REALLY make a difference. It’s the difference between hiring a mistake and a great employee. I share with you my interview techniques to make the most of your time together (in-person or video interviews). Discover how to turn on-site interviews into powerful selling tools to get the best candidates to come to YOUR agency!
    3. E-book: Seven Ways to Recruit & Retain Millennial Caregivers. My 12-page e-book on how to appeal to the next generation of caregivers. The good news: what matters to millennials is good for all generations. Read and learn what you can do.
  • [Webinar] Your Office Team – Why it Matters and How to Upscale in 2018

    Caregivers are the lifeblood of your agency. The office staff is its backbone. Too often, we fail to grasp the impact the office team has on client satisfaction, caregiver recruitment and retention. Because they set the tone for your agency, your office staff determine its trajectory, either towards growth or stagnation. Find out how to get on track during this lively webinar. We discuss:
    • Recruitment – Staffing for success
    • Creating a culture of accountability
    • Managing performance
    • Keep the best when you find them

    [Webinar] Learn how you can have the most thorough interview a candidate will ever experience

    Have you ever wondered why a candidate who sounded so competent in the interview turned out to be a terrible employee?
    Good interviews REALLY make a difference. It’s the difference between a hiring mistake and a great employee.
    Learn how you can have the most thorough interview a candidate will ever experience. 
    Watch this webinar to learn techniques and how to prepare to make the most of your interviews & learn simple techniques and preparation tips to make the most of your interview time. Discover how to turn on-site interviews into powerful selling tools to get the best candidates to accept YOUR job offer.

    [Checklist] Create A Mission-Driven Team Checklist

    [Checklist] Create A Productive Team

    Driving productivity in the office requires a few simple techniques implemented consistently. Learn how structure your regular touch points with staff, get more done and have happier employees with:
    • Daily stand-up meeting
    • Weekly individual review
    • Quarterly management review

    [Checklist] Recognition for Office Staff

    In addition to the recognition activities you are doing across your agency, consider putting in place a specific recognition program for your office staff with professional development and individualized actions based on the Five Languages of Appreciation. It works!
  • Office Staff set the tone for your caregiver agency. Asking the right caregiver interview questions will set your agency on the path for growth.
    Here’s how it works:
    1.     We provide you with the job ad to help you get the word out in your community. Anne-Lise will and help you identify the candidates who best match your needs.
    2.     As the business owner, you conduct the initial screening of resumes you receive using our resume screening tool.
    3.     You interview with each candidate using our interview guide and select the top three.
    4.     Anne-Lise will interview each candidate on the phone, send you a summary of the interviews and work with you to make an offer to the best candidate.
  • Train your staff with an exclusive  2-hour webinar led by Anne-Lise Gere, SPHR. Note: the webinar can accommodate multiple locations. What is covered during your session:
    • How to structure a successful mentoring program?
    • Identify your best mentors?
    • Role & responsibilities of a caregiver mentor and agency management
    We will also practice important skills to successful mentoring:
    • Listening
    • Feedback
    • Mentoring phone calls
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