• Recruiting Solutions for Caregiver Agencies

    This bundle includes three of my best recruitment products:
    1. The Ultimate Caregiver Recruitment Checklist - Attract More Caregiver Applicants: Create a successful caregiver recruitment plan using a multi-prong approach:
      • Digital advertising – Improve the impact of your online job posting
      • Face-to-face advertising – How to leverage the community events your agency attends to recruit more
      • Peer-to-peer advertising – Your employees are your ambassadors and your best advertising. Reward them with a referral bonus and a plan that works for the long run.
      • School recruitment - Find CNA/CHHA/LPN schools in your area and partner with them.
    2. Watch my webinar (30-minute) and learn how to improve your interview skills because good interviews REALLY make a difference. It’s the difference between hiring a mistake and a great employee. I share with you my interview techniques to make the most of your time together (in-person or video interviews). Discover how to turn on-site interviews into powerful selling tools to get the best candidates to come to YOUR agency!
    3. E-book: Seven Ways to Recruit & Retain Millennial Caregivers. My 12-page e-book on how to appeal to the next generation of caregivers. The good news: what matters to millennials is good for all generations. Read and learn what you can do.
  • Everything you need to create and update your job descriptions

    Content of the Toolkit:

    1. Writing effective job descriptions
    2. What each section of a job description means
    3. Position analysis questionnaire
    4. Pre-interview instructions (optional)
    5. Example – Job description for Administrative Assistant

    Bonus Webinar – 6 pro tips to turn job descriptions into valuable management tool ($37 value)

  • Mentoring is a unique way to invest in caregivers. It supports and encourages caregivers to stay with your agency by developing:
    • An early bond between caregivers and your agency
    • Skills so caregivers feel more confident in their ability to do a good job
    • Problem solving and resilience
  • In an “applicant-driven” job market, caregivers can choose between multiple jobs. More than ever, it’s critical to focus on recruitment marketing to attract more caregivers.

    Beyond creating compelling job ads, this article focuses on the use data to improve recruitment: how to evaluate each recruitment channel, measure quality and ROI of your efforts. We also touch on the value of sharing employee success stories as part of recruitment marketing.

  • I share experiences gleaned from the frontline of caregiver recruitment. Like you, these recruiters and agency owners struggle to hire caregivers. However, they do not accept the status quo. They try different approaches, tweak their process and measure their results for continuous improvement.
  • Learn how a large Home Health agency (400+ home health aides) streamlined its caregiver selection, introduced mentoring selection and improved its retention of caregivers.
  • Nicole Peretti is the Executive Director at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises (HME) the sales and marketing firm based in New Jersey. In this article, she shares her recipe for a mission-driven staff.
  • A successful manager, Nicole Peretti of Hurricane Marketing Enterprises leads a dynamic team of office staff and supervise the work of many coaches. She shares her experience how to develop an A+ office team in home care. In this article, you will learn how to:
    • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
    • Ensure the work gets done no matter what happens
    • Create a highly productive team.
  • When recruitment is tough, working hard to keep your existing employees makes sense!

    Don’t wait for a resignation notice to speak to your valued contributors.

    Keep your figure on the pulse and initiate regular stay interviews.

    The Stay Interview Guide has specific questions to guide your retention conversations whether you’re talking to new hires or to experienced employees.

    You can’t afford to lose your best staff so start stay interviews today to understand what makes employees “tick” and what could prompt them to leave. It couldn’t be any easier with this guide.

  • Newsletters are a simple tool to appeal to employees, even millennials.

    However, few agencies have an employee newsletter. Learn the recipe for success developed by Leigh Davis. He shares his agency’s newsletter engages caregiver and learn how to apply these tactics yourself.

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