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  • Create a successful caregiver Recruitment plan using a multi-prong approach:

    1. Digital advertising – Improve the impact of your online job posting
    2. Face to Face advertising – How to leverage the community events your agency attends to benefit recruitment too!
    3. Peer to peer advertising – Your employee are your ambassadors and your best advertising. Reward them with a referral bonus and a plan that words for the long run.
    4. Find the PCA class / CNA training schools in your area and partner with them.

    Use this checklist to identify what your agency is already doing and how to improve on its execution. Consider adding a few new recruitment activities to attract more caregivers.

  • Mentoring is a unique way to invest in caregivers. It supports and encourages caregivers to stay with your agency by developing:
    • An early bond between caregivers and your agency
    • Skills so caregivers feel more confident in their ability to do a good job
    • Problem solving and resilience
  • Driving productivity in the office requires a few simple techniques implemented consistently. Learn how to structure your regular touch points with staff, get more done and have happier employees with:

    • Daily stand-up meeting
    • Weekly individual review
    • Quarterly management review
  • If your turnover rate is more than 30%, you have a serious problem. This is costing you thousands of dollars every time you lose an employee. Crush caregiver turnover. Improve employee retention. Create an Employee Value Proposition based on Opportunities, People, Organization, Work and Reward. Choose from dozens of tips and techniques to create a plan that works for your agency!
  • Get your checklist to evaluate how much work your organization needs to accomplish and comply with eight employment laws enacted in Virginia on July 1, 2020. Most organizations, even small employers, will be impacted by those changes. Don't ignore these changes or it could be very costly.
  • In addition to the recognition activities you are doing across your agency, consider putting in place a specific recognition program for your office staff with professional development and individualized actions based on the Five Languages of Appreciation. It works!
  • Caregiver Agency: Home Care Schedulers are often compared to the hub of a wheel. They are the linchpin that bring together clients and caregivers. Getting Schedulers trained on technical aspects and soft skills is essential to your agency’s success. This checklist highlights all aspects of what it takes to on-board schedulers for high performance. This is a must-have to upscale your office staff.
  • When recruitment is tough, working hard to keep your existing employees makes sense!

    Don’t wait for a resignation notice to speak to your valued contributors.

    Keep your finger on the pulse and initiate regular stay interviews.

    The Stay Interview Guide has specific questions to guide your retention conversations whether you’re talking to new hires or to experienced employees.

    You can’t afford to lose your best staff so start stay interviews today to understand what makes employees “tick” and what could prompt them to leave. It couldn’t be any easier with this guide.

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