job postingA few weeks ago, we talked about the three steps in the hiring funnel. This time, let’s take an in-depth look into how agencies get applicants. This is the first step in recruitment, the one I call Attraction.

With the internet omnipresent in our lives, online job posting boards have brought many new possibilities to connect with a wider pool of potential employees. Besides wider access, online ads are a very cheap and sometimes a free way to advertise your positions. Let’s consider the role online ads should have in your attraction strategy to recruit caregivers.

For sure, there is a multitude of platforms to post your message. However, not all job boards are equivalent. To select the right placement for your online ads, consider the following points:

  • Does the site target the audience I want to reach?
  • How much will it cost to post on the platform?
  • Are there premium options to increase the visibility of my job postings?
  • Does the platform offer additional tools and whistles to make my recruiter’s job easier?
  • Is this platform a source of quality applicants for us?

Many recruiters in home care have been down the path of using Craig’s List, especially when posting was free. Initially, Craig’s List was the darling of recruiters because of the vast number of applicants it brought. However, recruiters soon realized that quality trumps quantity. Most have now pulled away from this platform.

Working with home care clients across the country, it is also interesting to see how some platforms only work in certain regions of the country and completely fail in others. Rural areas don’t seem to get much traction from Zip Recruiter. However, agencies in urban areas report a high response rate for ads placed there.

This is a good reminder that recruitment for caregivers is a local business. What works in southern Connecticut might bomb in rural Michigan. As I like to say, track your recruiting numbers. See which recruitment sources show promise, which ones are on the decline and always try something new. But try one new platform at a time and give it a chance to be successful before moving on to the next new thing!

Of course, don’t neglect the obvious online ad placement: your agency website. If it’s an evergreen, spend time working on it and dare to be different. Your job ads should reflect the culture of your agency and give a sense of the personality of your ideal caregiver.

However, online job posting should only be one of three strategies to recruit caregivers. Successful agencies don’t rely solely on the internet. They go out and advertise their jobs at community events (job fairs, charity events, community groups). And don’t ignore the power of a good referral program that entices employees, clients, and partners in the business community (think vendors, suppliers) to refer those who might become great caregivers or office staff.

Always remember, recruitment is local and is a person to person activity. The personal and engaging touch of an experienced recruiter in the community is one of the best investment you can make in growing your business.

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