27 October, 2014

Turnover Myths Part 5

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Turnover Myths Part 5 - Is Turnover Always Bad? Myth # 5- Turnover is always bad. It is disruptive to business. The smaller the business, the more disruptive it is. Turnover has a cost. For all these reasons and more, turnover must [...]

25 October, 2014

Turnover Myths Part 4

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Myth #4: Low turnover is always good Reality: Low turnover can be the sign of a great organization. Employees only stay if they are satisfied, right? Not necessarily. Employees stay with companies for all kinds of reasons and it [...]

22 October, 2014

Turnover Myths Part 3

By |2018-02-09T10:55:46-05:00October 22, 2014|

Myth #3: Exit Interviews are a waste of time Reality: The exit interview is an opportunity to gain insight into what drives employee turnover. Making an assumption, even an educated guess about the reasons employees leave, compromises your exit [...]

21 October, 2014

Turnover Myths part 2

By |2018-02-09T10:55:53-05:00October 21, 2014|

Myth #2: Measuring turnover isn’t important Reality: Costs associated with turnover are significant and you should know how much it is costing your business when employee leave. The resignation of an employee earning $60,000 a year can cost a [...]

20 October, 2014

Turnover Myths part 1

By |2018-02-09T10:56:02-05:00October 20, 2014|

Myth 1: You Can’t Control Employee Turnover Reality: Many variables drive turnover in a company. Management style, compensation, and the opportunity to increase professional development are among the top reasons people cite for leaving. Although some factors are difficult [...]

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