19 December, 2014

LGBT rule for Federal Contractors

By |2019-10-06T12:50:37-04:00December 19, 2014|

LGBT rule for Federal contractors On December 5, the agency enforcing affirmative action and equal employment opportunity with employers who do business with the Federal government, the OFCCP, published a final rule prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual [...]

2 December, 2014

FLSA Status of Part-time Employees

By |2018-02-09T11:11:40-05:00December 2, 2014|

Can part-time employees be hourly when their full-time colleagues are salaried? Can part-time employees be paid by the hour although their full-time colleagues (same job title, same duties) are paid on a salary basis? The Department of Labor (DOL) says that [...]

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