Adapt recruitment practicesThe interest in millennials is growing because they are the future our workforce. It’s the generation home care needs to attract to alleviate the caregiver crisis. Three-quarter of recent hires (78%) by senior care providers are millennials. Yet the majority of employers (65%) haven’t adapted their employment practices to attract millennials. So if you do, you will have a competitive edge!

Let’s consider how the senior care industry can appeal to the next generation of caregivers.

Brand Your Organization on Social Media

We know that millennials are purpose-driven. They want to work with others who share their values. Caregiving and working with seniors is rewarding and meaningful. This message needs to be broadcasted far and wide.

Being clear about who you are and what your organization stands for is essential to attract millennials. Reach the millennial crowd where they hang out which is on social media. Promote your agency on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Sharing the stories of seniors and their caregivers is often overlooked. What makes your agency unique in the community? Think how your stories of caring, support, and fun can be used to appeal to millennials. Portrait office staff and direct care workers.

Feature millennial employees and their experiences on the job. Don’t feel you have to show only the pretty side of the job. Being genuine is valued by all generations but demanded by millennials. So make sure your employee testimonials showcase the good, the bad and some real-life challenges.

Engage your millennial staff to brainstorm creative methods to reveal the good work and benefits to being a part of your organization. You will be amazed by the results and you know it is likely to work with their peers.

Focus on Technology

Your application must be mobile friendly. Most millennials only have access to mobile devices (phones, tablets). It should not take more than a few minutes to complete an initial interest form. For example, use check boxes and dropdown options rather than fill-in-the-blank space. It also helps standardized the answers and ease the screening work for recruiters.

Yesterday, I talked with a home care recruiter whose agency has adopted a streamline application. It’s not only mobile-compatible, it’s quick and easy to fill in. At a time when caregivers are in high demand, a fast turnaround is important to capture the best applicants. As a result, this agency is able to get 60 applicants a month. Not bad for an agency with 85 caregivers!

Understanding what millennials value and adapting your recruitment doesn’t mean caving into the demands of a spoiled generation. It’s a business necessity. Those who adapt will be known to millennials. They will be perceived as employers of choice. They will grow their workforce and their business. Who doesn’t want that?