Service Fees

We operate on the basis of fixed-cost for most projects. The fee is based on the scope, the complexity and expected duration of the work.

Any additional material or resources (e.g. salary data) is charged separately from the work with your prior agreement.


You pay 50% of the agreed fee upon starting the project and the remainder upon completion.

Training workshops last between one and four hours. The fee for a session delivered at your location ranges from $500 for a 1-hour workshop to $1,200 for 4-hour session.

Any direct, out-of-pocket expenses related to the workshops (e.g. training materials, videos, supporting material) will be agreed in advance and charged in addition to the training fee.

You receive our bill at the start of the month when the workshop is scheduled. Your payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice.

We charge an hourly rate of $150 for ad-hoc HR support. We also have an administrative hourly rate of $70 for non-professional work (e.g. coordinating interviews, setting up meetings). You, the client, are charged for the actually time we work on your project. Charges are calculated in 15-minute increments.

An invoice is sent for payment once the work is completed. Any travel incurred in connection with your on-call support will be billed in addition to hourly fees.