Employee Training

“Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers and supervisors.  The impact that a supervisor has in today’s workplace can be either very valuable or very costly to the organization and the people who work there.”
-Gallup Report
Clearly, front-line managers are critical to your employees’ perceptions of their jobs.  So support their growth with ad-hoc workshops or a full training curriculum based on your business needs. You choose from a list of topics. We tailor the content and the length of the session to your objectives.

Achieve strong business results and keep your employees productive by developing great front-line supervisors and develop critical skills:

  • Effective communication (business writing, one-on-one communication).
  • Develop the coaching skills of your supervisors
  • How to handle delegation.
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • How to survive, change, and thrive.
  • How to handle difficult employee conversations.
  • How to improve engagement of your workforce
  • Tools and techniques for positive leadership.
“I loved the workshop on Employee Engagement.  I love the interaction you encourage within the group and it is exactly what we need. Excellent stuff!” -Tiffany S. CFO, non-profit organization

Our training workshops focus on practical knowledge and experiential learning. Adults learn best by doing, so we allow time to experiment with new techniques in the safe environment of the workshop. Participants receive feedback from their peers. And the side benefit of these workshops is that it creates comradery among your front-line managers!

“With 80 employees, establishing clear channels of communication within our organization had been our greatest frustration. Gere Consulting Associates LLC has provided a training solution to help our leadership team communicate effectively and share communication skills with the staff.  As a result, we have seen a marked improvement in production.”    –Bill Massey, CEO, Peninsula Agency of Aging
Front-line managers are the linchpin of your organization. In their daily interactions with employees, they are responsible for keeping your organization in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

Having sound policies and a great employee handbook is not enough. Front-line managers need to know the laws and company procedures to protect against legal liability and exposure to costly litigation. A regular investment in training is well-worth it. Employment law training fosters a respectful and productive work environment. It will save your organization from negative publicity, disruptive workplace conflict and the risk of high legal costs.

We create and deliver engaging workshops in a variety of topics in Employment Law.

Some of our popular workshops are:

  • Employment Law Update – Stay legal! (includes the latest change in employment laws and regulations)
  • Equal employment practices for supervisors and managers.
“I have certainly enjoyed the training and have learned a lot.  Being new to Management has been a challenge and attending the leadership development classes could not have come at a better time.”                         Judy H., Care Supervisor