Are You Connecting With Prospective Caregivers?

The Caregiver Trend Report was published this spring by The report is based on data collected from thousands of professional caregivers working in home care, home health, hospice and senior living.  The report is a gold mine for home care and home health agencies that want to learn how caregiver job searching is changing. It provides key insights to build recruitment and retention strategies that work. Here’s my take on the report and what it means for your agency. Prospective Caregivers Besides the fact that the vast majority of agency owners (73%) are concerned about the lack of staff, …

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Treat Caregivers Like Your Clients

I am delighted to bring you Dr. Aaron Blight. If I say that Aaron is a home care expert, it does not even scratch the surface. Before launching into a new career as a healthcare consultant, Aaron was a home care owner in the Home Instead Senior Care franchise network. He came to the industry after years at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) where he was a national leader for the federal Medicaid program. While leading his home care company, Aaron wanted to learn how to find and keep the best caregivers, so he studied factors that contribute …

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How We Make Mentoring Work

If you’re not a member yet, find out about the subscription options here to get full access to valuable HR content tailored for the senior care industry.

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Caregiver Mentoring

If you are spending a lot of time and money recruiting and still not having enough caregivers to staff new cases, you probably have a retention problem. Recruiting caregivers feel like filing up a barrel with a hole. You can never fill it fast enough to get a full barrel. Most home care companies need to recruit 5 or more caregivers every week. At least half of this is simply to staff existing cases where caregivers leave. Agencies Are Implementing Mentoring Programs Antionette, a field nurse supervisor, heard me speak in Virginia a couple of years ago and shared an …

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Finish The Year Strong – 2018 The Year of the Office Staff

2018 was the year of the Office Staff at Gere Consulting. Why? Because after the year of the caregiver in 2017, it became apparent that caregivers are the lifeblood of an agency and the office staff is its backbone. 2018 was the year when we took stock of the impact office employees have on client satisfaction, caregiver recruitment and retention. Because it sets the tone for your agency, your office staff determine its trajectory, towards growth or stagnation. They impact so many aspects of your business. No agency can thrive if the office positions are not staffed properly. We put …

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Better Caregiver Interviews

I am delighted to welcome back Maggie Keen, VP of Strategic Initiatives at, as my guest today. In her previous article on the rising caregiver wages, she shared valuable information on how much agencies should pay their caregivers. This week, Maggie shares the 8 critical questions you need to answer for caregiver applicants. By structuring your on-site interviews around those 8 factors, you are more likely to get a positive outcome when you extend a job offer. As always, I want your agency to be the best it can be. Read on and implement! At My, we get many questions regarding interviews …

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On-site Interviews – Selection & Selling

We all know that hiring is a two-way street. You assess the candidates for skills, attitude, and availability to work. And in turn, candidates assess your agency to decide whether it is the right place for them. When you decide to bring a perspective caregiver for an in-person interview, you want to make the most of the time and effort both parties put in. In my mind, great on-site interviews create a WOW factor that will make your organization stand out from other employers AND allow you to select the best-qualified candidates. To create the WOW factor you need two …