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Portrait of a Successful Recruiter

Successful RecruiterOccasionally, a home care owner will ask me “How can I improve my recruitment? Can you throw anything at me?” Over the years, I have found having the right staffing coordinator is key to success. In the challenging world of caregiver recruitment, it takes a special person to be successful.

Here are the seven characteristics you want to look for when hiring your next recruiting person:

1.Not their first rodeo.Caregiver recruitment is not the first challenge they have conquered. The agency owner is usually the first recruiter in a new agency. They invest years and life savings to start the agency, get licensed, partner with referral sources. They share their passion for the work the agency does because they know it makes a difference in their clients’ lives. When the agency grows and it’s time to hire a recruiter, look for someone who has a track record of success in recruitment or in managing blue collar workers.

2. Take imperfect action.Successful recruiters try things out even when there’s no guarantee of success. They take the risk to implement a new idea even if it might not be executed correctly or at the right time. They keep a forward momentum but because it’s really the only way to learn what works in your community. There are successes and there are setbacks. And they learn from all.

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3.Take time to assess what works.Many people are in a rush. They’re not trying to learn, they want a quick fix for this month. Those who succeed in recruitment are the ones who come in saying “I want to build my presence as an employer of choice in the community we serve. It might take time but I’m willing to do it because it will pay off in the long run.”

4. Understand the difference “rushing” and “Sense of Urgency.”Rushing is when you try to make things go faster than they’re naturally able to go. By contrast, a sense of urgency ensures forward momentum. You stay on track and make sure things get done. You move as fast as possible but without rushing.

5. Consistency.Successful recruiters know that no single action is going to hit the ball out of the park. They know what there is no EASY button in caregiver recruitment. Each week the plan gets executed. There is a calendar and they tackle all of the small steps every week. They embrace the quote often referenced by Steve “The Hurricane Weiss “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t” (Jerry Rice).

6. Take responsibility. No excuse. Live doesn’t follow plans. When they are thrown off-course, successful recruiters get back on the horse and stay the course. They don’t give up at the first bump on the road. At the end of the day, they know that success comes from consistent work. If you don’t do it, another agency will. Do you want to be the best-known home health agency in town or not?

7. They push through disappointments.Those who quit will be left behind. A disappointing result doesn’t always mean that it the wrong strategy. It might not work because it was poorly executed or the timing was off. Try again and assess.

To be a successful recruiter in home health, it takes a plan and fortitude. Select a few activities, build your masterplan and deliver with excellence every week. Measure. Modify. Repeat. That’s the recipe for success in caregiver recruitment, and business in general!

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A special thank-you to Dov Gordon of The Alchemist Entrepreneur for the inspiration to write this piece.

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