Whether you are the sole HR practitioner in your organization, the CFO or the Comptroller with responsibility for HR or the Office Manager handing the administration of HR, you assume HR responsibility for your organization.

You have questions – “Should we pay overtime to employees who are on salary?” or “Can an employee take FMLA leave to care for a wounded warrior?” or “Can we discipline an employee whom we suspect has a serious health condition?”

You are not sure you have the correct approach.

You need a seasoned HR professional to bring clarity and provide reassurance.

“Having an outside support may be the single biggest factor in a sole HR practitioner’s success. Having other HR practitioners to bounce ideas off of, learn from and call on when needed can make the sole practitioner feel like they are not alone.”

Sabrina Baker, How To Build An HR Department of One

When a complaint of harassment, discrimination or other misconduct is brought to your company’s attention, immediate action is needed.  Most organizations are not equipped with the expertise to conduct investigation into the legitimacy of complaint.  In addition, complaints against senior executives make it virtually impossible to conduct an objective investigation internally.

We will conduct an objective, thorough investigation. We will provide a comprehensive report on the findings. In addition, we will make recommendations on what corrective and disciplinary actions might be necessary.

 Businesses need to know how well their HR function is doing, if they are in compliance and where there is a need to beef up the procedures. Gere Consulting Associates performs HR audits tailored to your needs, from a specific area – such as compensation practices – to a full audit of the HR function. Because we tailor our work to your needs, we are far less costly and time consuming than most audits.

 We work with your organization to gather key information, score answers, analyze data, and make recommendation to fix the problem areas.

 We audit 11 HR functions, including:

  • Department organization and employees,
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Education, training and development,
  • Diversity and EOE,
  • Strategic HR planning.

 We make the process as simple and painless as possible. We provide businesses with an analysis and recommendations to pinpoint strengths, improve weaknesses and turn HR into a strategic function for your business.

You can rely on Gere Consulting Associates for ad-hoc support. We provide practical answers to your employee relations dilemmas and your policy questions. We offer on-call advice to business owners, management and HR staff on employment policy, pay practices and employees relations.

Our advice is based on our practical experience for working in HR and informed by the knowledge of the latest regulations you expect from a certified professional.

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